Tramping Club

You can access the official club rules here.

Trip Conduct

The CTC is a friendly club and in general our trips are pretty informal. We do however have a few rules designed to ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment:

  • You must sign up for club trips by the closing date using the online signup system. If you pull out of a trip after the closing date you may be liable for costs incurred on your behalf so it's best to contact the leader as soon as possible. For non-members, please contact the Membership Officer to sign up for a trip
  • Trip members must follow the trip leader's instructions, and shouldn't break away from the main party without prior permission of the trip leader.
  • Dogs and firearms aren't allowed on club trips.
  • Alcohol is currently only allowed at the discretion of the committee.
  • Members are expected to conduct themselves in keeping with the good name of the club. They are particularly requested to respect the property and privacy of land owners.