Tramping Club

If you are concerned about a trip being overdue and you can’t contact the trip attendee, please follow the below process.

1) Contact the club

The list of CTC emergency contacts is below. Contact the Club Captain first and in the instance you can’t get in touch please continue down the list until you make contact with someone. Don’t leave messages. More contacts can be found here.

2) The club investigates

If the CTC has reason for concern they will get in touch with the trip leader, or trip attendees to investigate.

3) The club follows up

If the CTC is concerned about the trip, or no contact can be made, the CTC will contact the Police to launch a search and rescue. We strongly encourage letting the CTC manage this as they have access to trip attendees, contact numbers, planned route and vehicle registrations etc.

Emergency Contacts

  • Michal Klajban (Club Captain): 02041963548
  • Bryce Williamson (Secretary): 021 0232 2310
  • Jonathan Carr (Emergency Contact): 022 034 4608
  • Mark Nicholls (Vice President): 027 561 8463
  • John Kerkhofs (Membership Officer): 021 242 9253
  • Nick Edwards (IT Officer): 027 365 6751
  • Ian Dunn (Access Officer): 021 214 1907

For Members

Members (particularly Trip Leaders) please discuss this arrangement with your loved ones so they are aware of this procedure.