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Grade Moderate+. Map(s) BV20. Approximate cost 33. List Closes: 14 Feb.

Departure Point: Caltex Russley

Sunday is a day of rest – or even better, a day of hard tramping. Starting at the Devils Punchbowl carpark in Arthurs Pass, we will climb steeply to Point 1844, informally known as Mt Karen. You can get some idea of what this part of the trip is like from this trip report: From here we will continue to the summit of Mt Aicken, at 1858 metres. A complete route guide can be found at This climb is rated as "Grade 1: Easy scramble. Use of rope generally only for glacier travel." You should bring a helmet. I am expecting a cumulative elevation gain of about 1200 – 1330 metres. We did a lot of resting last time; I’m aiming to go at it a lot harder this time and do the entire trip to Mt Aicken in the 6 – 8 hrs that the route guide indicates, leaning towards the 6 hours. Adding in the travel time to Arthurs Pass, we are looking at potentially a 12 hour day, so I want to do this as fast as possible. Note:- we will be leaving from Caltex Russley at 07:00 on Sunday.