There are several recipes on the CTC website under tramplore.  I usually start with one of these recipes and change it depending what ingredients I have.  The point is to make a tasty, energy-filled  biscuit that is robust enough to not fall apart in your pack.  The following is the recipe I have been using lately.

Butter                                   150 g

Golden syrup                     1 tablespoon

Peanut butter                   1 tablespoon (optional)

Baking soda                        1 teaspoon

Flour                                      1 cup

Rolled oats                          1 cup

Oatmeal or oatbran        ½ cup (optional)

Sugar                                     ¼ cup (less or more if you have a sweet tooth)

Salt                                         ½ teaspoon

Sunflower seeds              ¾ cup (optional)

(You can put fruit in but I find the lumps of fruit compromise the structural integrity of the biscuits)


Spices to flavour – my favourite is cardamom. 


Melt together the butter and golden syrup (in microwave, it doesn’t need to be very hot).  Add the baking soda.  Add everything into a large bowl.  The original recipe says press into a tray, bake and cut while hot.  I prefer to give everything a good mix in the bowl and then roll out all the mixture and cut out circles with a glass so they all end up all the same shape and are more efficient to pack.  To do this you need to get the mix to the right consistency so I add more flour or milk until I can press/roll  it onto a floured bench and it stays together.  I then press a glass in to it and cut out circular biscuits about 1 cm thick.  I re-roll the scraps and cut out more biscuits.


Bake 180 degrees C for 30 minutes.  Sometimes I leave the biscuits in the warm oven as it cools down to make sure they are as dry (light ) as possible.