The DoC Hokitika Area team has recut 3 routes in the Otira area ... Barrack Creek .. begins on TR a few hundred metres upstream of the confluence with the Otira - either a good relatively quick trip onto the tops or as a very nice "round the skyline" daytrip coming back down off the tops above the TL of Barrack Creek (picking up an old marked route - not shown on recent topomaps - on the way down ... bit rough in the scrub near the top of this old route).. Rolleston River Route - begins on TR Rolleston R about 2km upstream of the Rail Bridge near the Otira Tunnel ... relatively short route takes you into the head of the Rolleston. This route forms part of the trip from Waimak Falls Hut.... Mt Barron route .. begins of SH73 a few hundred metres toward Otira from the Rail/Highway Underpass .. signposted. Good direct access to the Barron Range - can also be done as a round trip picking up the old track dropping down into Goat Creek. The top of this is marked by a cairn near 1481100 5257100. This track is in good condition at the moment (2016). Can also link into Hunts Creek from the Barron Range.