Postings of a general tramping nature but external to the CTC itself.

Information on training courses other than those run by the CTC itself.

Information on tramping huts: access, state of repair, recommendations, DOC plans, etc

Distilled (well, fermented at least) wisdom from our very own tramping agony aunt. Members will doubtless be enthralled to know that recent archaeological activities in the Catacombs of Christchurch have unearthed several ancient Aunty Iceaxe scrolls. We are proud to be able to present you with those early writings, hitherto believed lost to mankind, as well as the more recent works.

Tramping food: general advice, cooking and recipes.  

Wisdom related to medical and first-aid issues in the backcountry.

Every year, at the annual winter breakfast, one lucky club member is awarded the prestigious "Loo Loo of the Year" award. The trophy, which takes the form of a loo seat lovingly engraved with the names of past winners, is awarded to the candidate whose actions on a club trip are voted most senseless, ill-advised, imprudent, thoughtless, injudicious, rash, irresponsible, reckless, heedless or even downright stupid. Of course, the stories of the candidates' actions are often somewhat embroidered in the telling -- facts are never allowed to get in the way of a good tale. Indeed, they are usually rather irrelevant.

Miscellaneous advice or information on ethical behaviour in the backcountry.