We meet on Wednesdays at 7.30pm - see "Where do we meet?" for the exact venue and a map. Various social functions are organised, the atmosphere is informal, and tea and biscuits are served. We show slides or have guest speakers most nights. If you can give a presentation or have ideas, please contact the Social Convenor via the Contact Us page. Please note that formalities start at 8:00pm sharp, and if there is a guest speaker, he/she will start at 8:15 pm sharp. Other social occasions and trips are arranged at various times. Come along!

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Susan Pearson has been on a huge number of trips in recent years, boosting her weekend tramping with additional Wednesday walks. Susan will be showcasing a diverse range of trips. For members who don't work Monday to Friday, this should give you some great ideas for what to do midweek, and who to do it with!
Have you ever found yourself standing somewhere above the bushline, just a few too many hours from your car, feeling rather weary and sorry for yourself? Well, be prepared to be sold on a most miraculous product that will make descent woes a thing of the past. Gerhardt Spur Bivouac? 15 minutes from bivvy to car. Mount Fyffe? 15 minutes is your magic number. Buckland Peaks Hut? Naturally, 15 minutes. Mount Te Kinga? Sent in 15. What could possibly be the downside ... come along to hear Lorraine talk about hike and flying around the South Island, including her new goal in life of arriving at work before 9am, after a dawn mountain flight. Also featured will be some video footage from Fraser Monteith, a paraglider who has an annoying habit of flying for much longer than 15 minutes. The main slide show for this talk will feature flights from the flanks of Mount Potts, near the garden of Eden, recounting the experience of paraglider 1, who flew straight to the car, paraglider 2, who diverted to soar over the heads of unsuspecting tourists/orcs on Mount Sunday/Edoras, and paraglider 3, who flew from Mount Potts to soar over Mount Arrowsmith, faster than you could walk to Cameron Hut. Join Lorraine Johns for fascinating tales of aerial activity.
Hi Everyone! Tonight we're judging member's entries for the Annual FMC Photo Competition. We’re a bit late in getting the photo competition under way this year, but there’s still time dust off your SD cards and wow us with your best photos. We'll be choosing 2 entries from each category to represent the CTC. John Kerkhofs is organising things and needs your entries by September 1st. The FMC competition also has a theme this year, "New Zealand's Forgotten Places", you can read more about this on their site https://www.fmc.org.nz/photo-competition/ There are some awesome prizes on offer for winners of the FMC contest so don’t miss out! We are looking for submissions in the following categories: * ABOVE BUSHLINE (With no Human Element) * ABOVE BUSHLINE (With a Human Element) * BELOW BUSHLINE (With no Human Element) * BELOW BUSHLINE (With a Human Element) * HISTORIC (taken before January 2016) * NATIVE FLORA & FAUNA * LONG EXPOSURE (new category) Plus the eagerly awaited return of last year’s most enjoyable category: * FUNNIEST PHOTO —Send in your Funniest CTC/Tramping photos, we won’t forward these to the FMC, so no rules apply! We’ll be showing these photos at the CTC photography competition night on 4th September. The top entries from each official category (as voted by those present) will be put forward into the FMC photo competition. So get sorting and sending your snaps and we’ll see you on the 4th of September. Any queries to John Kerkhofs. See more details under the Social section of this newsletter.
Come and hear CTC member Grant Piper (aka Grubbie) share his experiences about getting out ski touring in Kashmir, India. The trip included nearly a metre of snow in 24 hours, and some serious altitude, with a gondola to 3950m. Get some inspiration to start planning your next adventure!