The Club has equipment for hire to members for:

  • Assisting new trampers;
  • Club trips into remote regions where robust tents may be required;
  • Established members with one-off occasional needs for gear which they don’t have;
  • Training courses

The club’s gear provides a foundation for members to try equipment and to help them with purchasing their own.

The equipment is not available to non-members, and they will need to hire from a retailer (e.g. Bivouac, Further Faster etc.) until full membership has been obtained.

The Gear Custodian is Barney Stephenson, ph 027 358 3281 (text preferred), or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Club gear on loan to you is your responsibility, and that includes safe use:

  • Check items before leaving and know how to use it: fit crampons to boots, check ice axe loops are tied on, practice putting tents up etc.;
  • For backcountry snow trips, learn about avalanche hazards and how to use avalanche safety equipment (transceivers, probes and shovels); carrying a transceiver and turning it on is only a small but necessary part of keeping yourself and others out of trouble;
  • Carry tents inside pack; when outside they can be punctured or lost e.g. during bush bashing;
  • As appropriate for the weather, select sheltered and well drained sites for pitching tents, and avoid places which might puncture the floor;
  • Assemble tent poles section by section; don’t let them snap together as this can weaken and crack the joins;
  • After use, wipe off dirt, clean out leaves and rubbish and thoroughly dry tent inners and outers;
  • Wash and dry the pegs;
  • Make sure all other gear you borrow is clean and dry before returning it;
  • Report damage or performance concerns.

Pay hire fees directly to the club account via internet banking, labelling entries as Gear Hire.

The Custodian checks items on return and can advise the Club to seek reasonable recompense for loss or damage and may refuse future loans.

PLBs:  the club no longer has these for loan because many members have their own which satisfies needs for trips, and battery replacement is expensive, getting close to the replacement price.  Retailers may hire out units if required.



Number owned by CTC



Helmets (Petzl and Black Diamond)


No charge

Lightweight Black Diamond ice axes (70 and 75 cm)


$5.00 per item per day ($10 per weekend)

Faders light ice axes (65 and 75 cm)


Climbing Technology Alpine Tour axe (470 g, 60 and 70 cm)


Older metal ice axes


10 point equivalent crampons suitable for tramping boots, modern style straps, one set has no anti-bot plates 5
Climbing Technology Nuptse Evo Flex 12 point crampons with flexible bars (994 g) (may go on robust tramping boots, have sharp points) 5
Grivel G12 crampons, for stiff boots and mountaineering trips (straps, not clips) 2
Old style crampons 8
Avalanche Backcountry Tracker 3 transceiver (batteries not included - requires 3 1.5 volt AAA dry cells), Climbing Technology Finder 240 probe and shovel 4
Extra snow shovels 2

$5.00 per item per weekend

Pack 70 litre 3

$2.00 per weekend


Macpac Minaret 2 person approx. 2.5 kg, 3 season


$5.00 per person per night

Macpac Olympus 2 person, 3 at a squash approx. 3.5 kg, 4 season 


Macpac Spectrum 4 person, approx. 5 kg, 3/4 season (2 tents well used) 


Macpac Hemisphere 4 person 6 kg, 4 season


Fairydown Trios 3 person, 4 at a squash 4.5 kg 4 season


OEX PHOXX 1 person bivvy, 2 possibly 3 season 1.5 kg


3 litre billy


$2.00 per weekend

2 litre billy  1