Annual subscription rates are:

Membership type Yearly sub  Yearly sub
+ printed newsletter
Individual member (over 18 years) $45 $60
Couple $65 $80
Junior or associate member $20 $35


Non-members are charged $5 per day for coming on club trips in addition to the trip's transport costs.

Individual members and couples are automatically members of the FMC, which entitles you to FMC publications (such as the newsletter) and FMC member discounts.

Note that subscriptions are due on 1st May each year; a late payment fee of $10 will be charged from 1st July. If paying by internet banking, the account number is 38-9017-0279838-00 (Kiwibank/Christchurch Tramping Club). Include your name, login-name and the word "subs" in the particulars/code/reference fields.

Resignations or other changes to membership status should be notified to the treasurer via the Contacts Page.