Welcome to the CTC!

We are always welcoming new members who share our common love of the mountains and enjoy exploring Aotearoa's spectacular scenery. 

Prospective members

We want to make sure the CTC is a good fit for you, so you might want to start by reading more about the CTC or coming along to a club meeting where you can talk to our members. 

Get in touch with John Kerkhofs (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), the CTC new members rep, who will sign you up as a prospective member. It costs nothing to be a prospective member and you will get up to two monthly issues of The Christchurch Tramper, the club newsletter. 

The Membership Process

We want to tramp with you! To become a member you need to tramp with us for three or more days, on at least two different club trips. You could do three day trips, a day trip and a weekend trip, or two weekend trips. This gives you the opportunity to decide whether or not you enjoy our tramping style. Upcoming trips are listed in the newsletter and on the website. To sign up for a trip, contact John to get the trip leader's contact details then get in touch with them.

When you tramp with us, make sure you have an application form (which can be downloaded here, or found at a fortnightly social meeting) which the trip leaders can sign for you. 

Becoming a member

So you have completed your qualifying tramps and are enjoying the club. What next?

  1. Send in your completed form. You can send this to the new members rep, to the club or to any committee member.
  2. Pay your subscription fee. This can be paid by cash or internet banking
    • For cash payments, include cash with your physical form.
    • For internet banking, put a note on the application form and pay when your application is approved. The club's account number is 38-9017-0279838-00 (KiwiBank/Christchurch Tramping Club). Include your name and the word "subs" in the particulars/code/reference fields
  3. Your membership will be considered at the committee meeting after receipt of the application. John will be in touch with your application outcome. 


We can't wait for you to join us.