The gear that the club hires out to members and what it costs.


The Club has a range of equipment for hire to club members or to non-members going on club trips. Contact the Gear Custodian via the Contact Us page. Note: Club gear assigned to you is your responsibility; please take care of it.


Tent (2 - 4 person) $3/person/night
Tent flies No charge
Ice axes $4/weekend
Crampons $4/weekend
Snow shovels $4/weekend
Large/small weekend packs $2/weekend
Helmets No charge
Personal locator beacons No charge (leaders take on most trips)
Billies (2,4,6 & 8 pint sizes) No charge
Club party first aid kits No charge; for trip leaders only
Climbing gear (ask for details) For use by training instructors only