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Grade EasyMod. Map(s) BW22. Approximate cost $15. List Closes: 30 Nov.

Departure Point: Z Station Papanui

This is a lovely 14 km loop in the Canterbury foothills. We start at the Glentui Bush picnic area and go through some mountain beech forest – some steepish sections with a 700m height gain – to Mt Richardson itself (1,047m ), and a great panorama over the Canterbury plains and Lees Valley. The return trip follows the Blowhard Track giving an opportunity to walk along the open tops; at about half way along the Blowhard Track, we then descend back into the bush along the Bypass Track and floow the ridge down the eastern side of the Glentui River. On the way back to the cars we can sto and check out the beautiful waterfall on the Glentui River.