Procedures for family/friends/partners concerned about an overdue trip.


Members/family/partners or nominated persons concerned about a trip being overdue should firstly discuss this with a Club Officer when they feel that the trip is delayed. Refer to the list of Club Officers on the back of the newsletter and on the club website. Club Officers know where to obtain copies of the Trip Lists containing the names and addresses of the party members with their vehicle registration details etc. This will greatly assist Police Search and Rescue. The Club Officer can then contact the Police directly. Concerned people should keep trying different numbers until they actually contact a Club Officer (DO NOT LEAVE MESSAGES). We recommend that concerned people start with the Club Captain, then the Gear Custodian, then the Presidents, then the Trip Organisers, then people listed under Our Club Hut - if no contact can be made then the Police.

Members (particularly Trip Leaders) please discuss this arrangement with your family/friends/partners so they are aware of this procedure.